Introducing iXi Water

Refill Drinking Water is our passion.

Everyone should have healthy, good tasting and thirst-quenching drinking water of consistently high quality, conveniently available wherever they go. We believe Refill is the future of drinking water. Our mission is to make that happen.

We therefore manufacture and install drinking water refill stations, also called Water Bars, wherever we can – in Pick n Pays, Spars, Convenience stores, Fruit & Veg stores, Biltong stores, Take-Aways – wherever people move around.

Quality Water

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is still the best purification technology for drinking water. RO is so effective that it removes 99.9% of pollutants from tap water – and iXi Water will never provide anything less.

We go to extreme lengths to thoroughly purify municipal source water on site, then add healthy, natural rock minerals. We developed groundbreaking techniques to preserve the water in perfect hygiene in our glass display tanks – without spoiling it by adding ozone as disinfectant (more about that here).

The result? A slightly alkaline ozone-free drinking water that has an awesome taste, quenches your thirst and is truly healthy.

Water Bar

Water Bar

Our Water Bars are designed to make refill a pleasure. They display the water you will be drinking, in a clear glass tank. Their taps are adjustable and, for hygiene, the nozzle is protected with a unique protective cage from possible user contact.

When you open the tap, a solid stream of water flows out at a high rate (20+ litres/minute). When you close the tap, flow stops immediately, with precise control and without any dripping. Refill is hygienic, quick, convenient and extremely affordable.

We have two Water Bar models:- a large one with half-round tank and a smaller one with a square tank. In some stores, for added convenience, we have two or more standing side by side.

Our 'Why'

We exist for two main reasons. First, proper hydration is key to a healthy life, and tap water is simply not good enough any more (learn more here). Second, refill is our only hope to curb plastic bottle waste. Refill is the future, and the Water Refill Industry needs a major overhaul. This is the kind of challenge we are good at.

That’s why we say “We care about people, and we care about our planet”.


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