Do Business with Us

We provide a Water Bar

You provide the location

You pay us rent per litre sold

You draw many more people to your store

Value Proposition

Locations with suitable foot traffic are typically supermarkets, convenience stores, takeaways, pharmacies, complexes, office parks, campuses and so on. Our services can be summarised as follows:


  • free installation and free maintenance of our Water Bar, and free Food Safety Training at your location

  • the store provides municipal water and electricity, at a cost of around 3c and 1c/litre respectively

  • refill sales are recorded by dual water meters and billed monthly

  • our recommended selling price is R1-40/litre. We invoice 70c (incl VAT) per litre sold – our clients thus enjoy a 47% margin (after costs)

  • the Water Bar requires about 1mÇ of floor space

Our clients are free to decide their own price structure. It all depends on their market. Some of our clients charge R1-60/litre without price resistance.


Water Bar Specifications

  • Tank capacity:

  • Floorspace footprint:

220 litres (half-round tank)

60 x 82 cm (half-round tank)

150 litres (square tank)

42 x 82 cm (square tank)

  • Purification rate: 95-350 litres/hour (depending on size of RO system installed)

  • Fast refill rate: 20+ litres/minute

  • Ozone-free water preparation and preservation

  • Natural Rock minerals

  • Adjustable tap op Integrated Spill Platform

  • Fresh and appealing look

More info

Other elements of our offer include:


  • Risk-free rentals to qualifying stores

  • Food safe water with free food safety training

  • Premium quality refill water and attractive display that enhances your store